Dog Clothes and Accessories – More Function Than Fashion?

Many people, particularly those who don’t share an interest in clothing for dogs, view it simply as being showy or cute, maybe even silly or obnoxious. For the dog owners who purchase this clothing, it is obviously to show off their pets, but also to keep them warm and comfortable. There is actually a very interesting history behind animal clothing, and it has nothing to do with fashion.The history of clothing for animals dates back to the early sixth century, the period of King Arthur. The animals, particularly the knight’s horses wore clothing under their armor to protect them during battle. This clothing provided warmth and also served as padding underneath the armor to guard against cuts and scratches. Dogs have worn clothing in both law enforcement and the military for similar reasons.Besides showing off your pride and joy on walks in the park, or shopping on Rodeo Drive, there are some important advantages to clothing your canine. Short haired dogs can catch a chill when the temperature drops, and any dog that has been primarily a house pet, will not be very accustomed to outdoor climates under certain conditions. In any of these cases, even if you have never put a sweater or any type of clothing on your dog, it becomes an important preventive measure for their health and may be advisable.You also may want to consider protective clothing if your dog has just been shaved, come from the groomer or recently undergone some surgical procedure, as these can all make a dog vulnerable to catching colds.